National Mall will be closed on Inauguration Day due to security concerns

(CNN)The National Mall will be closed to the general public on Inauguration Day due to security concerns, according to an official familiar with discussions.

The official said there will be no big screens, no toilets, no panels where people stand, and that the public will not be able to get down to the mall where traditionally thousands gather to watch the new president be sworn in.
President-elect Joe Biden's advisers, who are helping plan the inaugural, say it is intended to be a virtual event. They did not object to heightened security restrictions recommended by authorities pertaining to the Mall or the area surrounding the White House.
There are ongoing discussions between the District of Columbia, National Park Service and the US Department of Interior on when the shutdown will happen. There won't be access on January 20, but when exactly before that is still the subject of discussion.
The National Park Service said in a statement an announcement would be made by the department or the United States Secret Service when a final decision was made.
The restrictions on the National Mall were first reported by the Washington Post.


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