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Remnant Of Grace

Elder Medlock has been given an unusual anointing to help women who have
experienced abuse of every sort. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, those who have been deeply scarred from sexual, physical, mental and emotional abuses have been delivered.
Elder Medlock’s gift is extraordinary because after these individuals receive a healing and are cured, they are able to be vital and productive citizens and Christians.
To date, several dozen women have experienced God’s power as they are freed from hurts and pains associated with their abusive past. In addition to this, drug addicts, homosexuals, criminals, and demon-possessed have been experienced the saving grace of Christ Jesus.
Also, God has put in place a restoration ministry for fallen and hurting ministers. Pastor Medlock extends himself, in an effort to get such individuals back on track and spiritually sound. He helps build their confidence after God has forgiven them, so they are able to contend for the faith and successfully continue God’s program.
Remnant of Grace maintains a corporate attitude of gratitude through continual praise and worship to God. There is a great emphasis placed on continually seeking God, accentuated with fasting both corporate and individually. Every church service begins with a 30-minute prayer session, and there are regular 72-hour fasts.
Remnant of Grace focus is to led a lost and dying world to Christ, and under phenomenal leadership of Pastor Vann E. Medlock and the awesome power of God, thousands are being reached and thousands of lives are being changed.

2320 56th St
Dallas, TX 75241
(214) 375-4800