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Public Service Announcements

KGGR is proud to offer Public Service Announcements to the general public.  To service our community better, we provide  information that is pertinent to our listeners.  In order to do this, we have become the middle man between the people and the church in the community.  Let us help your organization get the word out!

Please send us your church news.  PSA’s must be sent at least two weeks before the event that you wish to announce.  There cannot be a charge or fee related to the event.  If there is a charge, we ask that you purchase 30 second or 60 second commercials.  The announcement must be submitted by fax, typed or hand printed only.  Color copies distort the information.  Please do not send color fliers.  Please call within 5 minutes of faxing the information if you want to confirm that it has been received.  PSA’s are not logged, therefore after this time we are not able to give information.  If you are in need of a musician for your church, this may also be announced as a PSA.  Church Announcements are made on KGGR 1040AM at 8:25AM and 6:25PM, Monday through Friday.

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