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Demonstrating God’s Power with Pastor Sean Pinder

Miracle Healing Center

Pastors Sean and Aimee Pinder

Sean and Aimee PinderPastors Sean and Aimee Pinder are the pastors and co-founders of Miracle Healing Center, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Sean was born to parents who were assistant pastors, but he was led astray and became a part of a gang. Over one month after a near death experience, Sean gave his heart and his life to Jesus Christ at 2:30 a.m. on January 3, 1993 in the Bahamas where he grew up. After he got saved, Sean felt God call him from the Bahamas to the United States to attend Bible College in Gretna, LA. In Bible College, Sean received training in preaching in the tent outreach ministry and in the juvenile detention centers, feeding the homeless at the New Orleans missions, street witnessing in the neighborhoods and out at the Mardi Gras parades, and conducting house-to-house bible studies. Sean also became active as the youth pastor at The Way Jesus Christ Christian Church in New Orleans and was ordained as a minister of Demonstrating God’s Power the Gospel on February 16, 1997. At the same time, Aimee Plaisance, who grew up in Marrero, LA, enrolled in the same Bible College. Saved at the young age of 8 and having an intense love for God, Aimee knew that God had called her to the ministry. She received training in the same areas that Sean did, although they had not yet begun working together as a team. Aimee was also the children’s pastor at River of Life Church.

After they met in Bible College, Pastor Sean and Pastor Aimee fell in love. They realized that God had appointed them as a husband-and-wife team to impact this world for Jesus Christ. They both graduated from Bible College in June of 1997 and, on December 6 of the same year, they became husband and wife. After graduating, Pastors Sean and Aimee accepted the youth pastor position at a church in Little Rock, Arkansas. Here, the Holy Ghost led Pastor Sean to fast forty days from October 16 to November 25, 1999. As a result, Pastor Sean received the miracle-working power of God. Three years later, Pastor Aimee fasted twenty-six days and also received the miracle-working power. In 1999, they both received the call of God to walk in the healing ministry. They began conducting miracle healing services where biblical miracles took place: the blind received their sight, deaf ears were opened, paralysis was healed, and many other such miracles were performed.

After serving at the church for four years, Pastors Sean and Aimee felt led of the Lord into the field of evangelism and to pioneer a church. On May 12, 2002, they planted their first church in Benton, Arkansas. After pastoring for one year, God spoke to them to move their ministry base. Currently, they have established Miracle Healing Center, their base in the Dallas, Texas area.

Pastors Sean and Aimee have conducted miracle crusades in Freeport, Bahamas, Uganda, Africa, and Mabelvale, Arkansas. They have held miracle services in local churches in several cities throughout America and in the Bahamas. Through evangelistic healing crusades, powerful radio and television broadcasts, and even the Internet, Pastors Sean & Aimee have seen God work notable miracles in the lives of people with various ailments. Today, they are still a team that continually blesses God’s people through anointed preaching of the strong, uncompromised Gospel followed by a demonstration of God’s saving, healing and miraculous power.

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