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10 Tips for Praying Together With Your Spouse


“Bless you both,” I heard as my husband, Dave, and I opened our eyes after praying over our dinner in the Seattle airport food court. I looked up to see an elderly gentleman and his wife beaming at us from the next table. Instantly, we had something in common—God! When Dave and I acknowledged the husband’s comment, his wife gleefully added, “And I said to my husband, ‘Look they’re holding hands while they pray!’”

As we chatted with the couple, we learned that they were from Canada and waiting to board a plane to Orange County, our former home. I later told Dave that I have always wanted to acknowledge others praying over their meal when we’re out to eat, but I never knew what to say that wouldn’t be intrusive—now I knew exactly what to say!

Backing up a bit…earlier that morning, Dave and I had again held hands and prayed as we sat in the Boise, Idaho airport anticipating a long travel day with a seven-hour layover in Seattle on our way to Maui. We asked God to use our long waits and travel times for His purpose and that He would provide encounters He orchestrated. As we said “Amen,” I heard a familiar voice calling my name—it was the sweet receptionist at our local doctor’s clinic. She was on her way to Texas to help a friend move back to Idaho. Dave and I were able to share with her about a support group we are starting in our home that might help her friend.